The most outstanding mobile spy app.

One may never control every step of their children in real world so should we talk about virtual one? The Internet may contain lots of threats for them and only spy software may help parents control everything properly.

Protect your business and members of your family with the newest TopSpy software! Our application help you get the answers you wanted to know, there is no more reliable mobile phone spy software.

  • Track all the call and text logs
  • 24/7-access to the data!
  • Track the messages on email and social networks!
  • Use your mic - you can make records at any time!

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Why TopSpy is so helpful in search of truth?

You'd better surrender, nobody has any chances to survive with apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry OS devices - it is the best program for remote tracking call and text logs. It is the best mobile spy software on market and you need less than five minutes for complete installation! All the gathered information is always displayed in Control Panel - check it any time you wish. Just choose the tab that you want to check and get the data: text messages, social network logs, call history, geolocation and lots of other kinds of information. TopSpy uses convenient chronological display of data.

IMPORTANT:mobile phone spy can be installed only on device with jailbreak done. If you have an Android device we recommend you to root it for obtaining access for social networks data and logs of such apps like WhatsApp and Viber.


“TopSpy has really proved to be useful and helpful. Now I have proper control over my employees and if they do nothing I immediately find it out.”
Goodwin Fulton,Chief Executive
“I adore my little daughter and I respect her rights for freedom though as a mother I should protect her from negative things she may find online - all of that I can easily do with spy on mobile phone!”
Deanne Rona,Caring Mom
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24/7 remote access

100% undetectable

What does mobile spy app offer to users?

TopSpy is made on the basis of the most modern technologies that use the power of modern smartphones. Our application is very adjustable and easy to customise - you may do simple things like tracking sms or perform more complicated tasks like voice calls recording. We are absolutely sure that our software will cover your needs and meet your expectations, you finally find out the truth you have been searching for! And do not be afraid - our mobile phone spy software is undetectable, we guarantee that nobody will catch you.

Track every kind of text data in a second!

Once you have installed our TopSpy application you immediately start getting the messages and even deleted ones. Enjoy!

Record any calls automatically or manually

Use the mic of your phone and record the calls you need. Now walls really do have ears! We offer absolutely outstanding feature - just go to the control panel, find proper function, enter the number you want to record from and that's it!

Track the phone with GPS!

GPS sensors of your "victim" will be turned off but you can still get all the information about his or her location! How does it work then? It works with the Network Triangulation method, amazing technology letting us do what we do!

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100% сonfidential

Get The answers you are looking for in 3 simple steps
Choose your type of subscription

Choose the type of subscription that suits you better, enter your email and billing data. As soon as we get your transaction your mobile phone spy application start working.

Create an account

Firstly you should choose the device you want to spy from - you may choose it in your Profile settings and then just follow the instructions. As you are done you'll notice that text messages are appearing in your Control Panel.

Download And Install

You should have physical access to the device you want to spy at least for installation which lasts less than 5 minutes. Best mobile spy software always works in the stealth mode - there will be no signs and no traces of your activity, the user will never guess about anything.

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