6 Tips for Lash Growth in natural Way

how to grow eyelashes

  • 1. Oil mixtures

In fact, lavender and coconut oils are not the only ones that can help you improve the look of your eyelashes. There are lots of recipes created by woman which show the same results and maybe even better. One of the most well-known is a mixture of castor, avocado, almond and coconut oils with a tiny bit of vitamin E added in it. This is a perfect formula which can be produced at home that can grow eyelashes and make them shine with beauty and health and requires no special skills to use.

  • 2. Biotin

Biotin which is also called Vitamin H. The lack of biotin in human body leads to a hair loss and as a result, to a fall of eyelashes. Experts say that to keep your hair and eyelashes healthy a woman has to consume enough biotin as there is a direct relation between it and the density of eyelashes. There is no need to looks for any special pills since there are diet products rich with it like products of animal origin (beef, chicken meat), tomatoes, soy beans, carrot and apples. Generally speaking a good balanced diet is all it takes to consume biotin at necessary level.

  • 3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an ingredient which is commonly used in shampoos is this is for a reason since it is known for its ability to strengthen the roots of the hair. Aloe Vera can as well be used to improve the look and health of eyelashes. One of the most effective ways to use it is to add aloe vera to ordinary facial mask and apply it on the roots. However you need to be extremely careful and not lest the substance get into the eye as it might cause irritation.

  • 4. Green tea

You might have already heard of dozens of positive effects of green tea on human’s health. Well, here is one more example. Use simple green tea (without fragrances and additives). Take 1 cup of green tea and 1 liter of the filtered water. Fill in tea with hot boiled water and leave for 20 minutes. In the evening before going to bed moisten tampons for make-up removal with infusion, wring out, and apply to eyelids. Leave it for 8-10 minutes. Works great!

  • 5. Egg White

Here is another good recipe for you that acts great an egg white mixture. Many people use egg white to take care of hair and it can also be used for strengthening eyelashes. Separate egg white from one egg and mix it with equal amount of castor oil. Carefully apply this mixture with a special brush for eyelashes or a wadded disk on your eyelashes and leave it overnight. Daily application will bring incredible results.

  • 6. Cold Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is the last one in the list to work surprisingly well in maintaining the health and improving the look of eyelashes. The action of a coconut milk is similar to many other remedies mentioned above. A coconut milk is a great source of protein and fat which are basic materials for eyelash growth. All you need is cotton wad to apply it on the roots and twenty minutes of time after you do that to get your eyelashes a load of strength and beauty.

How to Remove pregnancy Stretch Marks with cream

pregnancy stretch markIf you can’t stop thinking of how to remove those ugly stretch marks, then you are not alone! There is not much medicine can do with it. What is the good news then? Well, you can seriously affect their appearance, all of it right at your home.
Recently, stretch mark creams have gained much popularity among women, and there is a good reason for that! It can seriously reduce the appearance of stretch marks. There are efficient products that are natural, safe and indeed helpful for any type of skin. It’s time to throw the thoughts about stretch mark blemishes away. Take all the benefits of modern pharmaceutical achievements to easily and skillfully treat your stretch marks! Below you will find a grid containing reviews of 2015 top stretch mark creams.
There might be various factors affecting the appearance of stretch marks, including obesity, pubescence, pregnancy and many others. Whatever the reasons are, the reaction for stretch marks is usually the same – to get rid of them as fast as you can.
In order to remove stretch marks effectively it is strongly recommended to spend some time and do a small research on all options possible. It is clear that for most people the best one is to get rid of them at all. However it might be a good idea to think about some other options. In fact, a lot of removal options may even work a lot worse if you choose to get rid of stretch marks in the shortest period of time.
If getting rid of stretch marks completely is not your option then you might think of using topical products to change their look. It does not matter if you wish to remove old stretch marks or try to affect the appearance of the new ones – there is more than enough information on open web resources which can help you make the right choice.
It might be very hard, painful and expensive to get rid of stretch marks completely since it often requires surgical interference. You can try to remove stretch marks with the help of laser therapy or cosmetic surgeries. Needless to say that it will take you a lot of time and money to afford these kinds of procedures, and no one guarantees there will be no side effects. If you wish to have no side effects then it is still better to use topical products , like pregnancy stretch mark cream since they are 100% safe. The other benefit of these products is they help to prevent the appearance and development of future stretch marks which is not what the surgeries can actually do.
It’s not necessary at all to undergo expensive surgical procedures to get rid of unwanted stretch marks. Although topical products affect only the appearance of stretch marks and do not affect the inner structure of fat tissues where stretch marks develop it might still be the best way to deal with this problem. Laser treatments and surgeries can require multiple appointments a lot of time and of course a lot of money while topical products can show positive results within several weeks of use. Modern topical products which you can easily find on the market are safe and quite effective. In the long run you can find out that the difference between the results of these two methods might seem negligible.
It’s not the most pleasant thing to do when you watch in the mirror every day and see those seamy stretch marks. Expensive surgical treatments with lots of potential side-effects and recovery periods do not seem the best solution. Luckily, today it is easy to avoid these problems and find a better way to treat stretch marks.

Male enlargement methods from pills to surgery

male enlargementPenis enhancement involving lots of various physical procedures and using plenty of different surgical manipulations and devices has a goal of enlarging the male penis with the help of techniques created and approved by medical specialists.
And even though no study can clearly prove that any method works better than the others, some reports show some methods of male penis size increasing can work better for a certain category of men while other techniques are much more effective for other men. Let’s look methods from male enlargement pills to surgery.
According to medical facts, the part of a penis that we see is only a half of it, the other part is situated inside the men.
Thus, special penis enlargement surgeries use the hidden part of a penis by releasing the suspensory ligaments and fundiform sticking them to the pubic bone to add some size to a visible part of penis.
As a result, these kind of operations allow to enhance the penis adding from 2 to 4 cm to its size by taking a part of its shaft from inside the body to the outside to make penis visually larger.
Postoperative rehabilitation period prevents the disrupted suspensory ligaments from healing quicker than it is needed. In fact, to make it as much effective as possible the men undergoing this procedure need to stretch their penises.

  • Penis enlargement surgery usually carries lots of risks including erectile dysfunctions and this is the main reason why in most countries this kind of procedure is not considered as safe. Thus, having erectile dysfunction might be the only reason to allow this kind of operation.
  • Internal penile pump is another possible option. It replaces corpora cavernosa absorbing much of the blood during erections. This is a bit more radical approach although it is very effective for those who suffer impotence since this type of surgery is a therapeutic one.
  • The operating principle of this approach is based on the use of pump, which fills the cylinders with a liquid whenever it is necessary mechanically. The pump itself is implanted inside patient’s scrotum or groin.
    Despite the fact that this surgery is irreversible, this kind of solution allows men with serious dysfunctions to have erections whenever it is needed and for as long as it is needed.
  • Modern non- invasive methods and remedies including penile pump, clamping, or stretchers all allow men to enhance their penises.

Penis pumps are automatic or manual devices which increase the size of penis with the help of vacuum created by device once it is fitted over the penis. The vacuum makes penis to swell and pumps more blood into it.
The penis pump is highly recommended by most conventional medical practices dealing with the issues of impotence since it plays important role in creating and sustenance of erections.
As a matter of fact, to reach the best possible results from a penis pump specialists advise to use it combination with compression rings which do not allow the blood to flow from the penis. This will help to keep the erection after the pump is removed.
Clamping is another technique which is considered as a temporary one. It requires special constricting devices i.e. rings and elastic bands helping to enhance penis which reduce the blood flow out of penis tissues. This effect is achieved by putting the devices on the base of penis before and after an erection.
There are lots of specialized shops where any man can find different products made of soft, safe and approved materials for this technique. Using these devices traps the blood in the penis which leads to engorging – this might cause problems for removing metal rings, however everyone who wishes to enhance their penises can easily find them on market today.
Penis extender is a device which is designed to enlarge male penis by mechanical stretching the tissues for a certain period of time.
The stretching makes the cells of the penis change and grow after splitting. The stretching technique requires special device called extender plus pretty much time and efforts to reach significant results in penis enhancement.

Breast enlargement pills- are they effective?

breast enlargementThanks to internet and TV breast enlargement pills became popular among women all over the world. All advertisements are focused on women with small breast size and even you have normal bust, you can enlarge it. Breast pills and creams work not only on size increasing, but also on firming and toning. As a result you get big breast with sweet forms and good shape. A complex exercises+massage+cream will give astonishing results in a short time. This complex you can do at home by yourself.
Do they work?

It is a popular question: are breast enlargement pills really effective?

Nowadays market is full of large number of breast size increasing products and it’s hard to find what is truth and choose right product, safe and effective, suitable to your type of skin. Only on several best breast enlargement pills have been made clinical studies and most products are bad and even ugly, because they are harmful for women’s health and have negative effects. Modern oral contraceptives include hormone estrogen, which can really help to growth breast tissues permanently. And many breast enlargement pills contain in their composition the same ingredient for it’s effectiveness in increasing breast size.

Does it really safe to use breast enlargement pills?

The answer is simple. Breast enlargement pills with estrogen can causes uterine cancer and it is the most ugly result. The long oral estrogen intake is not useful for the body as a hole. So, it is your choice, but don’t advice you to use estrogen pills. Many medical experts do not advocate to take pills which contain estrogen for more than 6 months. In this case, appears a question: What products can be used for breast enlargement without side effects? Let’s make a paragraph for it.
What breast enlargement pills without estrogen may be used without fear?
Much producers of pharmaceutical pills and supplements do not create pills and creams for breast with estrogen. Often the chemical ingredients combine in different proportions. Sometimes added herbs and plants, which are known for their helpful properties. Several years ago appeared pills and creams for breast only on natural basis. They are most effective and easy to use. Most popular herbs are:

  • Blessed thistle. The plant approved it’s breast enlargement features thanks to it feature to promote lactation thus corresponding increase bust volume. Blessed thistle has a contraindications, such as- gastric irritation. If you have any gastric problems, it is better not to use blessed thistle.
  • China Dong Quai
    This supplement is incorporated in breast enlargement pills for its properties famous for centuries to increase breast. But there are no clinical proofs that it is really so. So, you can rely only on women’s experience, which have positive results, while they used Dong Quai.

For your good mental health, choose popular breast enlargement pills and creams, which have many reviews and investigations. If you still have doubts, consult a doctor. Start from the simple methods, such as exercises and massage, as a result, enjoy your beautiful breast.