Male enlargement methods from pills to surgery

male enlargementPenis enhancement involving lots of various physical procedures and using plenty of different surgical manipulations and devices has a goal of enlarging the male penis with the help of techniques created and approved by medical specialists.
And even though no study can clearly prove that any method works better than the others, some reports show some methods of male penis size increasing can work better for a certain category of men while other techniques are much more effective for other men. Let’s look methods from male enlargement pills to surgery.
According to medical facts, the part of a penis that we see is only a half of it, the other part is situated inside the men.
Thus, special penis enlargement surgeries use the hidden part of a penis by releasing the suspensory ligaments and fundiform sticking them to the pubic bone to add some size to a visible part of penis.
As a result, these kind of operations allow to enhance the penis adding from 2 to 4 cm to its size by taking a part of its shaft from inside the body to the outside to make penis visually larger.
Postoperative rehabilitation period prevents the disrupted suspensory ligaments from healing quicker than it is needed. In fact, to make it as much effective as possible the men undergoing this procedure need to stretch their penises.

  • Penis enlargement surgery usually carries lots of risks including erectile dysfunctions and this is the main reason why in most countries this kind of procedure is not considered as safe. Thus, having erectile dysfunction might be the only reason to allow this kind of operation.
  • Internal penile pump is another possible option. It replaces corpora cavernosa absorbing much of the blood during erections. This is a bit more radical approach although it is very effective for those who suffer impotence since this type of surgery is a therapeutic one.
  • The operating principle of this approach is based on the use of pump, which fills the cylinders with a liquid whenever it is necessary mechanically. The pump itself is implanted inside patient’s scrotum or groin.
    Despite the fact that this surgery is irreversible, this kind of solution allows men with serious dysfunctions to have erections whenever it is needed and for as long as it is needed.
  • Modern non- invasive methods and remedies including penile pump, clamping, or stretchers all allow men to enhance their penises.

Penis pumps are automatic or manual devices which increase the size of penis with the help of vacuum created by device once it is fitted over the penis. The vacuum makes penis to swell and pumps more blood into it.
The penis pump is highly recommended by most conventional medical practices dealing with the issues of impotence since it plays important role in creating and sustenance of erections.
As a matter of fact, to reach the best possible results from a penis pump specialists advise to use it combination with compression rings which do not allow the blood to flow from the penis. This will help to keep the erection after the pump is removed.
Clamping is another technique which is considered as a temporary one. It requires special constricting devices i.e. rings and elastic bands helping to enhance penis which reduce the blood flow out of penis tissues. This effect is achieved by putting the devices on the base of penis before and after an erection.
There are lots of specialized shops where any man can find different products made of soft, safe and approved materials for this technique. Using these devices traps the blood in the penis which leads to engorging – this might cause problems for removing metal rings, however everyone who wishes to enhance their penises can easily find them on market today.
Penis extender is a device which is designed to enlarge male penis by mechanical stretching the tissues for a certain period of time.
The stretching makes the cells of the penis change and grow after splitting. The stretching technique requires special device called extender plus pretty much time and efforts to reach significant results in penis enhancement.