Is It Possible to Have too Much Sex?

All of us know that sex plays a very crucial role in the adult life. It’s an irreplaceable part of any happy, long-lasting relationship which helps people feel closer, demonstrate love, and get pleasure.
But can you have too much sex? Though it may sound strange, you really can. And in some cases, sex is able to become a serious problem.
Let’s hunt down a question and consider how much sex is too much.

What Figures Tell

According to the recent study, on the average, sexually active people aged 18-29 have 112 sexual intercourses per year. At the same time, adults aged 30-39 have averagely 86 sexual intercourses per year. Also, the experts claim that in order to maintain a good relationship, the couples should romp in the sheets no less than once per week.
But of course, these figures are the average ones. They can’t 100% answer the question of how much sex is too much sex because all the couples are different. And sexual appetite in a particular may change in the course of relationship.

Healthy Sex

Indeed, sex is a must for any relationship in a healthy adult couple. It is an excellent foundation for the formation of bond between the partners. It offers many emotional and physical benefits to both a man and a woman.
Naturally, at the beginning of any relationship and during the honeymoon, overmastering passion guides the couple. Emotions run high because the feelings and everything related to a beloved one is new and erotic. It means that at this period, the man and woman aspire to have sex almost each time they meet one to one. Therefore, at this time, it’s absolutely normal that there is too much sex in the couple’s life.
But when the magic of newness fades away, sexual appetite reduces. Hence, the frequency of sexual encounters also drops. At this stage of the relationship, ungovernable passions are replaced with mature love, care, respect, and tenderness. And it’s not a problem that now it’s less sex in the relationship.

Compulsive Sex

Sexual abundance becomes a problem if you become sex addicted. In this case, sexual appetite is compulsive. It means that you get trapped with violent passions which spin out of control. Unfailing longing for sex never stops. Regardless of how much sex you have, it’s never enough. But still this exhausting and devastating lust can’t be satisfied.
Uncontrollable sexual behavior not only poses a threat to your relationship, but is also dangerous to your health and life. The matter is that such a behavior makes people forget about adequate protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
If you face the problem of compulsive sex, you should visit a sex therapist. The professional help will enable you to break the vicious circle of destructive sex addiction.

Sex is a wonderful part of life for all beloved ones. But here it is important not to lose yourself and your partner in a constant search for sex. Don’t be enslaved by own passions.
And if you feel that your sex life becomes unhealthy and you have too much sex, it’s better to consult a professional who will help you cope with this issue.