Breast enlargement pills- are they effective?

breast enlargementThanks to internet and TV breast enlargement pills became popular among women all over the world. All advertisements are focused on women with small breast size and even you have normal bust, you can enlarge it. Breast pills and creams work not only on size increasing, but also on firming and toning. As a result you get big breast with sweet forms and good shape. A complex exercises+massage+cream will give astonishing results in a short time. This complex you can do at home by yourself.
Do they work?

It is a popular question: are breast enlargement pills really effective?

Nowadays market is full of large number of breast size increasing products and it’s hard to find what is truth and choose right product, safe and effective, suitable to your type of skin. Only on several best breast enlargement pills have been made clinical studies and most products are bad and even ugly, because they are harmful for women’s health and have negative effects. Modern oral contraceptives include hormone estrogen, which can really help to growth breast tissues permanently. And many breast enlargement pills contain in their composition the same ingredient for it’s effectiveness in increasing breast size.

Does it really safe to use breast enlargement pills?

The answer is simple. Breast enlargement pills with estrogen can causes uterine cancer and it is the most ugly result. The long oral estrogen intake is not useful for the body as a hole. So, it is your choice, but don’t advice you to use estrogen pills. Many medical experts do not advocate to take pills which contain estrogen for more than 6 months. In this case, appears a question: What products can be used for breast enlargement without side effects? Let’s make a paragraph for it.
What breast enlargement pills without estrogen may be used without fear?
Much producers of pharmaceutical pills and supplements do not create pills and creams for breast with estrogen. Often the chemical ingredients combine in different proportions. Sometimes added herbs and plants, which are known for their helpful properties. Several years ago appeared pills and creams for breast only on natural basis. They are most effective and easy to use. Most popular herbs are:

  • Blessed thistle. The plant approved it’s breast enlargement features thanks to it feature to promote lactation thus corresponding increase bust volume. Blessed thistle has a contraindications, such as- gastric irritation. If you have any gastric problems, it is better not to use blessed thistle.
  • China Dong Quai
    This supplement is incorporated in breast enlargement pills for its properties famous for centuries to increase breast. But there are no clinical proofs that it is really so. So, you can rely only on women’s experience, which have positive results, while they used Dong Quai.

For your good mental health, choose popular breast enlargement pills and creams, which have many reviews and investigations. If you still have doubts, consult a doctor. Start from the simple methods, such as exercises and massage, as a result, enjoy your beautiful breast.